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The value of you

There is a real value in standing apart from the crowd & being truly independent.

It gives you a second opinion, a voice-of-reason, and to quote Don Chipp helps 'keep the bastards honest'.

Because we are an independent communication strategy consultancy, we are not aligned to the individual agendas of creative, media agencies or production houses. We audit and give an objective assessment of where you stand and where you need to go. Offering unified brand thinking and more effective solutions.

Russ Mitchinson is the driving force behind Rebel Angel Strategy. Over 20 years international experience as the Head of Strategy, in media, creative, digital, social, media networks and brand management. It’s a unique breadth of experience and disciplines, that gives him the depth and perspective to look wider and broader at today’s commercial landscape.

So why work with Rebel Angel Strategy? Stronger brand cohesion. Greater campaign effectiveness. Efficiencies in time and money. And moving on from inefficient conflict to productive, profitable creativity.


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