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There was a time when channel & content, creative & media were inextricably linked...what happened?

I began in the industry just as it started to be pulled apart. But anyone who watched Mad Men would say that the two went hand in hand.

It's a tragedy that the industry is still living with; the separation of church and state or the false division created between media and messaging. I don't believe this has ever benefited clients or ultimately benefited the consumer.

Because if you are already creating a schism at the beginning of the process, what you end up with is invariably fragmented campaigns, where the media and the messaging are not working together. Or if they are, it's through hard work, a clear process and an integrated strategy. And in many instances, this just doesn't happen.

I started Rebel Angel Strategy because, in a world of proliferating communication channels and consumer touch-points, I asked myself, how can brands maximise cohesion and convergence, effectiveness and efficiency?

Rebel Angel Strategy are experts at identifying where media channels and creative messages aren’t working in harmony and can help organisations focus and simplify both media and messaging, producing cohesive consumer engagement.

Because we are an independent communication strategy consultancy, Rebel Angel Strategy audits and give an objective assessment of where you stand and where you need to go, creating unified brand thinking and more effective solutions for you.

Please contact me to discuss further.

Many thanks,

Russ Mitchinson


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