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We’ve looked into the future…and the industry isn't there

The Communications Council’s Account Planning Group has flown to the US, to gain insights into how technology will impact the world of communications.

APG Chairman Russ Mitchinson shares what he’s learned.

We’re reeling with information, innovation and ideas. And if two days is anything to go by, the Australian communications industry is lagging far, far behind…

This is only halfway through our journey of discovery as after the Silicon Valley we’ve now arrived in New York to interrogate Google Creative Labs on the future of creativity…as they see it. But already emerging are some key challenges that our industry is facing back in Australia…and some possible solutions.

We’re not agile and too slow…obsessed with perfection and the final execution

Fast is better than slow as it’s all about iteration. We need to bring the ‘hackathon’ spirit into our agencies, such as fast problem solving. Think big…think times ten, not just ten percent.

We need to forget what we know and how we work. We need to radically refresh our frame of reference. Stop doing digital marketing and start marketing for a digital age. Because if we don’t then management consultants and other industries will.


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