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Fragmentation of media leads to fragmentation of your messages

You live in a world of increasingly fragmented communication driven by exponentially expanding communication channels; where your brand could be competing against your own messages, for share of the same consumer's head, heart and wallet. A multinational drinks brand would hit the same consumer with over 15 messages per week, creating inefficiencies and messaging fatigue. In many instances, brands 'reinvent' & fragment themselves every time there's a new channel, like TikTok, rather than skillfully being on that channel in the service of the brand.

Rebel Angel Strategy is the product of its founder’s twenty years of experience working for both Clients and Agencies.

It’s new, it’s different - and we believe it is the first consultancy established specifically to address a business issue, that was previously simmering in the background but is now very much center-stage. In a world of proliferating communication channels and consumer touchpoints, how can you maximize cohesion and convergence, effectiveness and efficiency?

We are the experts at identifying where media channels and creative messages aren’t working in harmony (or even competing against one other). And we have a bespoke toolkit of market-proven processes to focus and simplify both media and messaging, to help produce a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Rebel Angel Strategy's process creates a unified platform for you to springboard from...
 driving an integrated solution across your media channels and messages.

So why work with us? Stronger brand cohesion. Greater campaign effectiveness. Efficiencies in time and money. And moving on from inefficient conflict to productive, profitable creativity.


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