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Using multiple agencies doesn't mean multiplying efficiencies

More is not more then it comes to effectiveness.

A recent example of this is a major global food brand who found itself with multiple agencies, working off different strategies, and competing against each other for their share of the marketing spend. This led to huge inefficiencies of process, duplication of effort and a disparate and fragmented campaign, which didn’t meet its key performance indicators.

Similarly, a large Fast Moving Consumer Goods company, which had both Creative messaging and Media channel agencies working on their account. Neither agency worked openly or constructively with the other, and this led to competing business interests and a lack of successful positioning for various brands effectively in the marketplace.

The solution to this is simpler, clearer, unified communication strategies...which are therefore more effective, and a process to implement them in market.


Rebel Angel Strategy is an independent communication strategy consultancy; this means we are not aligned with any creative agencies, media agencies, production houses, etc. The benefit to you is you’ll get an objective assessment of where you stand and where you need to go.

Rebel Angel Strategy will recommend efficiency in messaging; having less messages to a more focused audience will create efficiencies for your business. Through analysis of your media choices and their effectiveness, we will also suggest efficiencies in your media and channel choices.

Russ Mitchinson is the driving force behind Rebel Angel Strategy; his unique skill set and experience gives him the ability to see the total picture across all your communications. Russ has over 20 years international experience as the Head of Strategy, unusually in both media agencies and creative agencies, alongside digital, social, media networks and of course for brands.

The benefit of Rebel Angel Strategy to Marketers and indeed businesses, is greater campaign and brand effectiveness, efficiencies in terms of your time and money, and moving from inefficient conflict to productive, profitable creativity.


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